Lakeview Trail Review

Here’s a trail that would be great for everyone of all ages. Lakeview Trail. I would rate this a level 2, an easy moderate hike. It is a 4 mile hike to Eastman Lake. Giving you a total of 8 miles.

The trail is wide, although there are many ditches and loose gravel you may have to be careful. There are many huge bolders around the area and that can be challenging. Beware of rattlesnakes. Do not walk on tall grasses. I didn’t see any rattlesnakes because of the cold season. I didn’t want to risk being surprise either. So always be cautious.

What I love about this trail are the bolders and the unique vegetation. The bolders are huge! I was able to climb on one. The water seem to be low at this time of season. The plants are interesting when I started the trail. It’s like a walkway to a nice ending, which the ending was great! The view to the lake was beautiful. The water looked calm and the wind blew slightly against my face. I can feel the cold air through my nose down to my lungs. Everything was breathtaking. I love how nature is mesmerizing. The great thing about this trail is that it is open all season.

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Beginner’s Hike 101 p.2


Going on a 2 -3 hour day hike? Here are a few items I like to bring with me.

  1. Water. This is the number one thing to bring with you at all time. You can never have enough water to drink.
  2. Map. When I plan a trail, I must have my map with me.
  3. Towel. Nothing is wrong in bringing one. I like to use it when I rest for lunch or do a little stretching .
  4. First aid kit. Anything can happen and it is best to be prepare.
  5. Snacks. You must bring some power and energy snacks to energize your hike.  Believe me, it helped me walked up a steep trail.
  6. Camera and/or phone. Bring to take a photo of nature.
  7. Compass. It’s always good to have one when your electronic devices are shut down.
  8. Whistle. My emergency tool to seek help when needed.

Optional items:

  • Wireless speaker. All my hikes are my workout. So a good tune of music is also a booster.
  • Pocket knife. Honestly, I have not use it at all, but I do know that it will be handy one day.

These are the basic hiking essentials I bring to a day hike. In my next Beginners hike 101, I’ll explain further details of the items I bring.

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Pincushion Mountain top trail review

There are many un named trails on the Pincushion Mountain, however the trail I took today leads to the table top. The trail took 45 mins to reach there and back. The trail starts on Sky Harbor road by the cow gate.

The trail starts off intense. I mean, the trail literally starts off using your legs and if you’re planning to go, stretching your legs and squatting would definitely be a great idea. The trail goes on roughly about 100 feet and it merges onto a dirt road. The dirt road shoots up the mountain side until we reach a flat surface, where I generally take water breaks. Then the dirt road goes on for another 100 feet and the climb to the mountain top was tiring. The scenery was beautiful. Too bad I didn’t have my canon camera with me. I would of took a perfect shot of the view, but my phone camera will do for now.

The closer I get to the top, the more bolders to step on. I finally reached the flat top of Pincushion Mountain. The view was amazing. The only thing that was there is a loney tree and a couple hundreds of huge rocks around it. There was no trail other than the cow trail. So I walk on it only because everywhere else was rocks. Eventually, I had to walk on the rocks to the edge of the mountain. Be careful when walking onto the rocks, it can be dangerous if tripping over it.

I would give this trail a 4 out of 5 difficulty level. A moderate to strenuous hike. So to make this easier, the harder you breath for air and rests you make, the level of difficulty goes up. Although the trail was intense, I made sure I kept hiking until I reach a flat ground surface.

I would definitely come back this trail again when spring comes. It’s a great time to see all the greenery and colors.

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Brown Ditch trail review aka (Flume Trail)

The Brown Ditch trail was the funest trail I have ever experienced. The trail itself was easy and have open scenic view to the Sierra National Forest. It is almost a 3 mile hike. This trail is in the Bass Lake area.

At the beginning of the trail, there was a sign “private property and no traspassing”. However, many hikers enters the trail. It is rank 4 out of 5 on the All Trail website. The Flume is own by PG&E and they discourage hikers to go on it. 

The Flume trail took me 2.5 hours to complete the trail. The elevation was well over 3,000 ft. The hike was a total of 5 miles round trip. The trail was flat. There was no steep mountain side or big bolder step to climb on, but boy, it was a long trail. I just wanted to finish it. The weather was warm at 11 am and there were no shade when turning back until we nearly reach the enterance. Walking the flume trail, to me, was frightening. The walk way was very narrow that I can imagine myself walk into the flume and banging my chin onto the wood. That would not end well. Good thing the flume was dry. Not only walking the flume trail was frightening , I have found myself afraid of hieghts. I slowly walk the steel flume trail and I tried to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Sierra National Forest.

The down side to hiking the flume trail was finding a restroom or a portable potty stall. Unfortunately, there were none and I had to squat behind the bush. Make sure to bring plenty of water and bring toilet paper. Also, I heard a couple of gun shots. It’s hunting season so be careful. Another one that kind of bothersome was the flies. I had to fan my face with my hand to shoo them away. It’s annoying, really.

All in all, I enjoyed my hike to nature. It was very fun and different. Except for the flies. Be very careful when walking the flume trail.

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Happy hiking.
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Buzzards Roost Hiking Trail Review

Buzzards Roost trail is one of the best trails from Millerton Lake in Madera county. In fact, that’s the only trail to a perfect scenic view. The trail is inside the North Shore Campground and there is a park entrance fee of ten dollars. Buzzards Roost trail starts right off the road. However, parking will be off the road.

The difficulty of this trail is moderate to strenuous. I’m giving this trail a 4 out of 5. Let me break down the level’s of difficulty.

  • 1 – easy (straight trail, no rocky hills or bumps)
  • 2 – easy to moderate ( straight trail with little bolder and hills)
  • 3 – moderate (curvy trail and straight trail with little bolder/stair step)
  • 4 – moderate to strenuous (moderate curvy trail with little bolder step with steep trail)
  • 5 – strenuous  (very curvy trail with very steep trail to many bolder steps)

This trail is steep to hike to begin with. I was out of breath when I hiked up 20 steps. So, imagine hiking up the trail. Boy, the hike was worth the beautiful view. Buzzards Roost is 0.6 miles to the destination. When you turn back, the whole trail is about 1.2 miles. The elevation starting was 643 ft and to the end of my destination was 1155 ft elevation. It took me 45 mins to complete this trail.

At the top of the mountain, the view was beautiful. I can see Sky Harbor Road and the massive lake. I recommend taking this trail during spring because there is a small waterfall to see but it was dry. Overall, the hike going down was the best, but make sure to stretch your legs.

Click here to download and print the trail map. (I don’t own the map. It is the link to the state site.)

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