Pincushion Mountain top trail review

There are many un named trails on the Pincushion Mountain, however the trail I took today leads to the table top. The trail took 45 mins to reach there and back. The trail starts on Sky Harbor road by the cow gate.

The trail starts off intense. I mean, the trail literally starts off using your legs and if you’re planning to go, stretching your legs and squatting would definitely be a great idea. The trail goes on roughly about 100 feet and it merges onto a dirt road. The dirt road shoots up the mountain side until we reach a flat surface, where I generally take water breaks. Then the dirt road goes on for another 100 feet and the climb to the mountain top was tiring. The scenery was beautiful. Too bad I didn’t have my canon camera with me. I would of took a perfect shot of the view, but my phone camera will do for now.

The closer I get to the top, the more bolders to step on. I finally reached the flat top of Pincushion Mountain. The view was amazing. The only thing that was there is a loney tree and a couple hundreds of huge rocks around it. There was no trail other than the cow trail. So I walk on it only because everywhere else was rocks. Eventually, I had to walk on the rocks to the edge of the mountain. Be careful when walking onto the rocks, it can be dangerous if tripping over it.

I would give this trail a 4 out of 5 difficulty level. A moderate to strenuous hike. So to make this easier, the harder you breath for air and rests you make, the level of difficulty goes up. Although the trail was intense, I made sure I kept hiking until I reach a flat ground surface.

I would definitely come back this trail again when spring comes. It’s a great time to see all the greenery and colors.

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Happy hiking!