Beginner’s Hike 101 p.2


Going on a 2 -3 hour day hike? Here are a few items I like to bring with me.

  1. Water. This is the number one thing to bring with you at all time. You can never have enough water to drink.
  2. Map. When I plan a trail, I must have my map with me.
  3. Towel. Nothing is wrong in bringing one. I like to use it when I rest for lunch or do a little stretching .
  4. First aid kit. Anything can happen and it is best to be prepare.
  5. Snacks. You must bring some power and energy snacks to energize your hike.  Believe me, it helped me walked up a steep trail.
  6. Camera and/or phone. Bring to take a photo of nature.
  7. Compass. It’s always good to have one when your electronic devices are shut down.
  8. Whistle. My emergency tool to seek help when needed.

Optional items:

  • Wireless speaker. All my hikes are my workout. So a good tune of music is also a booster.
  • Pocket knife. Honestly, I have not use it at all, but I do know that it will be handy one day.

These are the basic hiking essentials I bring to a day hike. In my next Beginners hike 101, I’ll explain further details of the items I bring.

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Happy Hiking!

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