Lakeview Trail Review

Here’s a trail that would be great for everyone of all ages. Lakeview Trail. I would rate this a level 2, an easy moderate hike. It is a 4 mile hike to Eastman Lake. Giving you a total of 8 miles.

The trail is wide, although there are many ditches and loose gravel you may have to be careful. There are many huge bolders around the area and that can be challenging. Beware of rattlesnakes. Do not walk on tall grasses. I didn’t see any rattlesnakes because of the cold season. I didn’t want to risk being surprise either. So always be cautious.

What I love about this trail are the bolders and the unique vegetation. The bolders are huge! I was able to climb on one. The water seem to be low at this time of season. The plants are interesting when I started the trail. It’s like a walkway to a nice ending, which the ending was great! The view to the lake was beautiful. The water looked calm and the wind blew slightly against my face. I can feel the cold air through my nose down to my lungs. Everything was breathtaking. I love how nature is mesmerizing. The great thing about this trail is that it is open all season.

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Happy Hiking!