Bridge Trail Review

This trail is at the San Joaquin River Gorge in Aubrey. It is approximately 30 mins to the bridge. The trail is suitable for all ages.

I’ve been to the Bridge trail a few times. I would rate this trail a 1 star for easy. The trail starts off at the trailhead from the parking lot. The trail is a downward slope. It is not steep. The only thing about this day was the weather forecast says it will rain. Well, the rain is not going to stop me from going.

When I got to the Gorge, the parking lot was full before 8am. It seems like there was an event going on. People were stretching before they began. The weather was beautiful. The rain made the view better. Bright green moss pops out of the bolders. The yellow grass and gray sky made all moss and algae brighten. The sound of the rain drops were rhythmic and the smell of nature all goes well together.

I love this trail. The trail is well maintained by adding the wooden blocks as steps here and there and as I got closer to the bridge. It was easy going to the bridge. However going back to the parking lot seem a bit exhausting. The trail now goes up the mountain side. It was a great workout. Since it rained, I had to be careful from slipping. It was a horrible idea to wear a cotton sweater cause it soaked up the rain. I was drenched in rain when I completed the trail. It was a great experience hiking in the rain. Next time, I’ll be better prepared.

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