Lewis Creek Trail Review

The Lewis Creek trail is by far the best trail I have hiked on during the summer. Its natural trees and ferns sprouted lushly on a day hike. The smell of the water running down the stream were fresh and cool. It may seem I am in another city, but the feel of the forest made it seem that I’m not in Oakhurst.

Getting to this trail was easy. You will need to take 41 HWY North. The trailhead is roughly about 7 miles from Oakhurst and is right off of 41 hwy. There will be a huge turnout and can be a parking lot.

My sister in law and brother in law took me to this awesome trail. When they told me their experience with the Lewis Creek trail, I told them immediately to take me there and sure enough, my experience was awesome, fun, and satisfied.

The trail goes on a down slope. Hiking down to Corlieu Falls only took 15 mins without a sweat. The waterfall was beautiful. I love the veiw and the trail has a man made small wooden deck or patio to lean on it. We then continue the trail for about 5 mins to find ourself a big tree. It sure does look like a resting spot. We rest there to look around. There were a few great small pools to swim in. Also, be careful when getting close to the stream.

After a short rest, we continued the trail. There were small section of the trail that were muddy. We had to step on tree stump to cross over. Also, when there is a running stream with trees and ferns, mosquitos are sure to be there too. Bring bug repellent.

We finally rested on a open wide area that has a flat top bolder and a small running stream. That was 1 mile from the trailhead. We didn’t finish the hike because further down leads to a parking lot which was about 3 miles. I guess it was a great idea to start from the top down than to start 4 miles to Corlieu Falls. Going back to the car was a big sweat. It was a challenge going up the bolder stairs. It was worth the workout. I recommend everyone to hike this trail during spring and summer.

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Happy Hiking!

(Featured image was taken by my sister in law.)

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