Big Bend: San Joaquin River Trail Review

Big Bend is part of the San Joaquin River Trail located at the Millerton Lake State Recreation Area.  It is roughly 30 minutes from Fresno. The trail entrance is in the South Finegold Picnic Area. There is a $10.00 fee to park there, however many people park outside the picnic area and walk to the trail entrance.

Getting to Big Bend was 3 miles. The first mile was rough. A level 4 difficulty, strenuous. I literally had to climb because the trail shoots up the mountain side. The trail soon reached to a fork and left is where you need to be on to get to Big Bend. The Second mile was smooth and easy. A level 2, easy to moderate. There was no climbing or going down the mountain side, it was perfect. The third mile was going down the mountain. A level 3, moderate. Big Bend was beautiful. The San Joaquin River trail continues on, but I’ll have to continue the trail some other day.

It’s amazing how the San Joaquin River trail has amazing view to the lake. The weather was nice. The breeze was perfect. The sound of chirping birds and woodpeckers pecking a dead tree all sound very peaceful and to hope to come back again would mean finishing the San Joaquin River trail in one day.

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