February & March Cairn Monthly Subscription Box

I want to merge both February and March monthly subscription box in one blog. Each month, the box has at least 6 interesting outdoor products to try. I’m so excited to share this. It has awesome products that I already loved.

The photo on the left is the February monthly box. It has a Gobi Gear tote bag with four separate  compartment, one replaceable zipper from FixnZip, one Go Macro granola bar, a pair of fork and spoon, one sticker, and a Cairn Scout Newsletter. One item that I like most is the tote bag and the replaceable zipper. I think they will come in handy.

The photo on the right is the March monthly box. It has one yummy BoBo’s Lemon Poppyseed bar, one Drink Tanks 16 oz mug , two Drink Tanks different size lid, one bag of Bottle Bright cleaner and a Cairn Newsletter. My favorite is the 16 oz Drink Tanks and the two lids. It is the right size for me. It’s not too big or too small. It’s perfect.

Overall, I’m excited to use them on my next hiking trip. Subscribe to my blog for more fun adventures.

Happy Hiking!

Kaweah Oaks Preserve: Elderberry Trail Review

After a week long of rain shower, it was a great idea take my toddlers and infant out for a family day hike for the very first time. I thought, what could go wrong taking my two toddlers and infant to a day hike? Maybe try it and find out how it goes. I do not want to go anywhere that is difficult and long. Especially going with toddlers and infant. So we went to Kaweah Oaks Preserve that is located near Visalia. We hiked on Elderberry trail. It’s so beautiful. It was very green after the rain. It was easy for my toddlers until we reached a fallen tree. I had to helped them climbed over it. They were so cute and adorable.

The down side of the hike was that both my toddlers were exhausted by the end of the trail. Unfortunately, we did not bring a stroller. We had to carry them both back to our vehicle, but who knew that a family day hike would be so fun! I love it and I can not wait to do more family day hikes with them.

Until next time, happy hiking!


New things coming your way!!

Before I get into what are the new things coming soon, I want to start off that all my hikes are done by myself and my camera man, but this time, I want to add a few interesting adventures onto this blog . First thing, I want to share that anyone can enjoy a day hike with toddlers and infants. It would be a trail review with family day hike kind of thing. Something that I want to start enjoying as a family. In addition, I also want to add a group hike’s photo gallery. I’ve been leading a few hikes with groups of three people to ten people once every month and I think it would be great to share it with everyone. And lastly, I participated in a monthly hiking subscription box that features high end hiking gears, snacks, and other goodies. It’s something to look for and try out on a day hike.

Thanks for tuning in for exciting adventures. Until next time, happy hiking!


My journey to weight lost

I want to share something that had helped me lose my pregnancy weight and was able to maintained my initial before I found out was pregnant. I am proud, confident and happy at the result. After I gave birth to my son almost a year ago, I had already planned to jump right in to hiking. I knew that hiking would helped me and it helped me with breathing, climbing, and endurance. I also learn to eat more chicken and eat less carbs and it was my major boost to losing weight. So, it’s just like any other pre and post workout food before working out. Hiking every weekend (only when I have a babysitter), for almost a year now, had helped me so much. You can totally see it in my photos. I start off with local hiking trails and soon I ventured out. This is my short story to something I feel proud of. Let me know in the comments below how hiking has help you.

Happy Hiking!



10 REASONS to hike on St. Patrick’s Day

Here are 10 reasons to hike on St. Patrick’s Day.

  1. Get out there to enjoy nature
  2. Great time to practice your photography skills
  3. Also, great time to draw landscapes and nature
  4. Great time to go with friends
  5. Hiking count as your workout
  6. Renew, refresh and relax your heart, mind, and soul
  7. Nature is the best back drop
  8. Learn about nature’s vegetation
  9. Great for bird watching
  10. Hiking is a stress reliever

I hope after reading this, it will get you out there and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. Let me know how it goes in the comments below!

Happy Hiking!