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What to wear

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Now that I have planned my hike, studied the map, and packed my hiking gears. It has come down to figure out what is the proper outfit to wear on a short day hike.

Of course it is obvious to wear comfy shoes and clothes, but wearing the right outfit is important for a day hike and it is because after a few trails I took.

Checking the weather forecast will help narrow down the type of outfit. This will definitely help you determine what is the proper hiking outfit to wear.


  • I love leggings and I think most women do. Leggings are the easiest pair of pants to put on. The type of fabric does matter on a day hike. Do not wear cotton. Most hiking trails have thorns, pokey leaves bushes and what not, they will get onto your pants. I tried it and it was not pleasant to sit on one or pull them out. You can also find one in the active wear section at the retail store or Amazon.

  • For thick pants, I suggest a slight cargo pants for winter, rain or if the weather is humid. It is for protection. Please be aware that some trails may have leeches, ticks, poison oak, and poison ivy. Remember to research the hiking trail and be prepare.

  • Shorts are perfect for a hot day hike.


  • Short sleeve and long sleeve shirts are some what difficult to find for a day hike. I have notice that wearing a regular t-shirt does not do well. Just a reminder that hiking is a work out. Imagine yourself at the gym. Hiking is same thing. Again, cotton fabric is a not a good idea to wear because it absorbs sweat.


  • Sweater is always recommended because the weather may change. The weather can be unpredictable and it is great to prepare. Find a sweater that is breathable. It helps to cool down than to hold in heat.


  • Socks must be cotton. I know I have said all the others needed to be cotton free, but your feet is doing the job of taking to your destination. Hiking trails are not paved and is not easily walked on like a sidewalk. All trails are different and it is best to wear the cotton socks than thin socks. It prevents from blistering.


  • Jackets are great for winter and rain. Again, no cotton material jacket because they absorb water.

I hope these are great suggestions for your upcoming day hike. Let me know in the comment below how your trip goes and maybe share your experience on certain clothes you may encounter.

Happy Hiking!

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