April Cairn Monthly Subscription Box

For this months box, I’m excited to say that we have a few interesting items I want to share with you. When the package came in, I was surprised it came in a water resistant paper envelope. I hugged it and try to figure out by feeling what was in the package. Call me crazy, but I feel like it was Christmas all over again.

It came with a Sierra Design Dridown Pillow, a green Universal note pad, a Cairn Scout Newsletter, 1 Skrich Labs Energy Bar with Cherries and pistachios, a Cairn sticker and last but not least an anti itch gel from The Itch Eraser. My favorite item is the Itch Eraser. My daughter recently got bitten by an insect a day ago and I thought maybe I try it out. It work wonders. I would definitely take this little cream with me when hiking.

Until next month, Happy Hiking!

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