Way-of-the-Mono Trail Review

This weekend I reviewed Way-of-the-Mono trail in Bass Lake. It is rated easy and is roughly 1.2 mile. The weather was beautiful. Sunny and breezy.

Starting off the trail was a bit moderate until I reached an overlook. It was a great view to Bass Lake. However, it saddened me that the wild fire had reached there. I saw burned trees. From the look of the burn trees, it looked like it was 5 to 7 years ago. I can tell because fresh shrubs and wild flowers grew around the trees. I don’t remembered when the fire reached to Bass Lake, but it was horrible to see the damage.

The trail soon goes up to a steep hill side until I reached a dirt road. Then down to a dead end. The whole mountain side was burned and the trail was no where to be seen. I do not want to turn back. I’m sure there was a trail somewhere. I kept hiking and soon found the trail. It seems like I had pass the trail when I was on the dirt road.

I would personally rate this trail Moderate. There were steep trail side and because the scar from the fire, the trail was a bit hard to find. I hope one day the trail would come back alive with beautiful trees and shrubs.

Happy Hiking!

7 thoughts on “Way-of-the-Mono Trail Review

  1. That trail looks gorgeous. What an awesome gig this sounds like! This is motivating to me, to get out in the sunshine!

  2. Hey, Melanie,
    This is great! Where is Bass Lake? It looks beautiful! Do you hike in just a specific region, or do you travel all over looking for hikes?
    I LOVE to hike. My girls are getting older so I’m hoping to be able to do lots more exploring here in the near future.
    Thank you for sharing this! If it’s close to me, I’ll be sure to check it out!

    1. Hi Karah, Bass Lake is actually in central California. I hike about 20 miles to 70 miles from my city. I love to travel too, but I’m starting off in California first then hopefully venture out to other states. Your girls will love you for starting them to love nature walks. Come check out my blog soon, I’l be posting up a few tips while hiking with children. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. This hike’s got everything except a waterfall :D, love it! It makes me sad too to see wildfire damage when I go hiking, there are a couple of trails near me that are still recovering even years after. But all the new growth around the burnt trees show the amazing resilience of nature, and I take a moment to be awed by that.

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