May Cairn Subscription Box

This months subscription box has some interesting items that I want to share. It came in with a Cairn Scout newsletter, an organic waffle bar from Honey Stinger (gluten free), 1 Cairn sticker, a Fire Giner key hook, a reusable odor proof bag, and a GrandPa’s FireGrill. Out of all the 6 item, I liked the GrandPa’s Fire Grill. It is a bit small, but I think it would be fun to try it during my camping trip that will be coming soon in July.

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Happy hiking!



2 thoughts on “May Cairn Subscription Box

  1. I used to get the Cairn box, I stopped last year because I moved a few times and my boxes kept getting lost. 😦 Maybe I’ll start it back up again! Cool stuff! Thanks for the review!

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