The Must Have Book For Hikers

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Before I jump right in for an exciting post, let me explain my best experiences every time I get the chance to hike. I love the smell of nature; the vast landscapes; the fresh air and lastly the trail I get to hike on. There were many times I wonder how I can keep track of my hikes. I use my Samsung Gear Fit 2 watch and record it onto my Samsung Health. It is great but I feel like I need more than just a watch. I want to write it all down. That is why I use the Bear In Mind Log Books. It is the BEST hiking essential to bring to all my hikes. It is a hiking journal.

The neat thing about the book is I can write down the number of hikes, trail name and the date.

I can mark down the level of difficulty, location, distance, time and elevation.

There is a weather section to record the temperature.

I could mark the type of terrain and path.

Also, mark down the trail condition if it is good or bad.

There is a section of who I hiked with, what meals I packed and a check list of hiking gears I pack that day.

The very last section is the comment of my overall hike. Maybe add anything that the template does not have. There is a stamp section that I can use the state stamp or use the location coordinates of my hike on there and my overall rating of the trail.

It’s pretty neat right? I use it every time I hike. This hiking journal is fun to use. It holds memories, fun and helps with keeping track of where I hike.

You can get yours at their website for an awesome price for $14.99. If you hurry, you can get your very own Bear InMind Log Books by signing up on my email list for your 10% off your entire purchase.

I hope this inspires you to get out to nature and enjoy what mother nature has in store for you.

Happy Hiking!

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