Mobius Arch Trail Review

Hello everyone! I want to give you an update to where I had hiked to three weeks ago. I am very excited that after this review, you would probably want to check it out. I went to hike on the Mobius Arch Trail. It is located in Lone Pine, Ca in Alabama Hills Recreation Center. This trail is popular for its arch which frames Mt. Whitney. Click here for the Map of the trail.

The Mobius Arch Trail was easy. I mean, it was very easy that the trail was kid and dog friendly. The trail is a little over half a mile. It took 1 hour to complete because I stopped to take pictures and why not? It was very beautiful! The massive rocks that was over 100 feet tall , and the popular Mobius Arch. I could not get enough of it.

This is a desert terrain. It was a bit different terrain for me because I have never seen a dry flat place with shrubs and some type of Cactus then the rock formations. Then looking at the rocks reminded me of Pinnacles National Park. It had to be. Going to a different terrain made me appreciate desert terrains. Weather it is a Coastal terrain or Forest to Foot Hills or Preservation, to Desert or Canyons. I think there are beauty in it. There are so much I can learn from the habitat such as the soil, the rocks, the trail, trees, wildflowers and weather.

What I love about this trail was that it is suitable for toddlers, children and pets, with supervision of course. It was easy. They could easily hike it. The trail was marked by Ostrich egg size rocks and it was easy to follow it. Another amazing thing would be the huge boulders. Again, I have to say that it reminded me of the rocks at Pinnacles National Park. Then to my left, there are mountains of snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountain. It was pretty cool how I would look at the right and it was completely different scenery.

What I do not like about the trail would be leaning against the rock. They are painful. For some reason, the rocks looked smooth, but when touching it, boy it was painful to lean against it. I did not bring gloves so that was fun.

I would recommend this trail to anyone who does not want a long hike. This was very short. Also, the trail was not too hard. I did not even have to use a lot of my muscles for this. Perfect for anyone who does not want a challenge. Do bring your children to this trail. The trail is perfect for them. They would enjoy the hike.

Please do keep in mind that we should keep all our recreation center, National Parks, State Parks,and Preservation litter free. I have seen trash on this trail and I hate to see our Parks dirty.

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Alright until next time, Happy Hiking!

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