Blog Sponsorship/ Partnership

Melanie’s Hiking is based on hiking trail reviews throughout the state of California and will soon venture beyond to other states in the U.S.; gears and products reviews; and travel, blog. Melanie loves to try new challenging trails to see breath-taking scenery and nature, explore new, exciting trails and products. Melanie wish to inspire and motivate others to enjoy hiking trails all over the U.S.

With your partnership, Melanie would like to hear your reasons to create some new and great post for her readers. Here are some ways she would be interested in partnering with like-minded companies and brands.
– sponsored post
– social media sharing
– hiking gears/product reviews
– sponsored hotels/car rentals
– event appearance                                                                                                                                 -video creation

If you are interested in partnering with Melanie’s Hiking, please contact her at for more information and rates.