Corlieu Falls

Hello guys, this weekend I took my good co worker with me to Lewis Creek Trail in Oakhurst to see Corlieu Falls. It was beautiful and the running waterfall was our tranquility to rejuvenate our soul. She loved it and was hoping we can do an all day hike on our next adventure.

Check out my full review of this trail here.

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Point Lobos State Reserve

The original plan was to go to Moro Rock at Sequoia National Park, however I checked the weather and the Alerts on the National Park website. It required vehicles to have tire chains due to icy road. It was free entrance to National Park week and it was a perfect time to go. I do not know how to properly install tire chains, so there was a last minute change to hike at the coast.

My weekend consisted of great friendship, relaxation, and trail review to Point Lobos State Reserve near Monterey Bay. It was beautiful and surreal. The trails were easy. There were short trails that led to another trail. We had completed 7 miles. The view was magnificent. I couldn’t explain it any other way. Wild flowers were blooming left to right and wild succulents too. The weather was just right. The breeze went against my skin and the fresh sea salt water filled my nose and lungs. It was amazing! I’m so glad that we changed our hike to the coast. I’m thinking when summer gets closer, our group hike can go to Moro Rock.

Until our next group hike, happy hiking!

For a full gallery of our last group hike, you can go to my Facebook page @melanie.shiking to view them.