Recap of 2018 & Plans!

Happy New Year Hikers!

I hoped you all have been well. It has been too long since my last post. I am so excited for 2019. I have many new ideas I want to share with you all, but before I do, I want to  give you a recap of my 2018.

2018 was an amazing year. I started out hiking the trails in the foothills and I eventually ventured out of the City. My confidence grew and more friendship was built. I thanked everyone who supported me in my journey and continue to share my experience with everyone. My best hiking trail was Point Lobos Preservation. It was beautiful. Even though it was an easy trail, I would love to go again. If you have not read my blog post click here .


Then my toughest hike was High Peak Trail from Pinnacles National Park. It was all worth it til the end. You can read my post here.


My largest group I lead would be 30 Church Members on Labor Day to Lewis Creek in Oakhurst. It was a success.



I also enjoyed hiking with my toddlers. It was a challenged but it was worth it every bit of it. You can read it here.


Anyways, outdoors is always my favorite place to be. 2019 will be my wonderful year to travel, hike more and do more reviews. I want to share my experiences with you all and hoping you do the same too. I love to hear your trip hiking to anywhere. Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Hiking!

The Must Have Book For Hikers

(I’m a proud Ambassador of Bear In Mind Log Books and may earn a fee with your discount code.)

Before I jump right in for an exciting post, let me explain my best experiences every time I get the chance to hike. I love the smell of nature; the vast landscapes; the fresh air and lastly the trail I get to hike on. There were many times I wonder how I can keep track of my hikes. I use my Samsung Gear Fit 2 watch and record it onto my Samsung Health. It is great but I feel like I need more than just a watch. I want to write it all down. That is why I use the Bear In Mind Log Books. It is the BEST hiking essential to bring to all my hikes. It is a hiking journal.

The neat thing about the book is I can write down the number of hikes, trail name and the date.

I can mark down the level of difficulty, location, distance, time and elevation.

There is a weather section to record the temperature.

I could mark the type of terrain and path.

Also, mark down the trail condition if it is good or bad.

There is a section of who I hiked with, what meals I packed and a check list of hiking gears I pack that day.

The very last section is the comment of my overall hike. Maybe add anything that the template does not have. There is a stamp section that I can use the state stamp or use the location coordinates of my hike on there and my overall rating of the trail.

It’s pretty neat right? I use it every time I hike. This hiking journal is fun to use. It holds memories, fun and helps with keeping track of where I hike.

You can get yours at their website for an awesome price for $14.99. If you hurry, you can get your very own Bear InMind Log Books by signing up on my email list for your 10% off your entire purchase.

I hope this inspires you to get out to nature and enjoy what mother nature has in store for you.

Happy Hiking!

Training @ Pincushion Mountain Trail

My morning hike on the Pincushion trail was always a tough one. However, it is by far the right trail to train for Half Dome in Yosemite National Park. Each time I look up the trail, I push myself to keep going. Even if it was baby steps all the way through, I kept going.

Arriving to the top of the mountain trail was rewarding! The view was nice and the feeling of “I DID IT” was by best reward to start my day. There were a few hikers congratulating me for getting to the top. That was a very nice of them to say that. Very encouraging.

Pincushion Mountain is the best way to start training for a big hike. Maybe it can be for something else. Who knows, but training on the Pincushion Mountain trail can definitely help me achieve my goals. Again, I give kudos to those who run and bike. You guys are awesome!

Happy Hiking!


New things coming your way!!

Before I get into what are the new things coming soon, I want to start off that all my hikes are done by myself and my camera man, but this time, I want to add a few interesting adventures onto this blog . First thing, I want to share that anyone can enjoy a day hike with toddlers and infants. It would be a trail review with family day hike kind of thing. Something that I want to start enjoying as a family. In addition, I also want to add a group hike’s photo gallery. I’ve been leading a few hikes with groups of three people to ten people once every month and I think it would be great to share it with everyone. And lastly, I participated in a monthly hiking subscription box that features high end hiking gears, snacks, and other goodies. It’s something to look for and try out on a day hike.

Thanks for tuning in for exciting adventures. Until next time, happy hiking!