My journey to weight lost

I want to share something that had helped me lose my pregnancy weight and was able to maintained my initial before I found out was pregnant. I am proud, confident and happy at the result. After I gave birth to my son almost a year ago, I had already planned to jump right in to hiking. I knew that hiking would helped me and it helped me with breathing, climbing, and endurance. I also learn to eat more chicken and eat less carbs and it was my major boost to losing weight. So, it’s just like any other pre and post workout food before working out. Hiking every weekend (only when I have a babysitter), for almost a year now, had helped me so much. You can totally see it in my photos. I start off with local hiking trails and soon I ventured out. This is my short story to something I feel proud of. Let me know in the comments below how hiking has help you.

Happy Hiking!



10 REASONS to hike on St. Patrick’s Day

Here are 10 reasons to hike on St. Patrick’s Day.

  1. Get out there to enjoy nature
  2. Great time to practice your photography skills
  3. Also, great time to draw landscapes and nature
  4. Great time to go with friends
  5. Hiking count as your workout
  6. Renew, refresh and relax your heart, mind, and soul
  7. Nature is the best back drop
  8. Learn about nature’s vegetation
  9. Great for bird watching
  10. Hiking is a stress reliever

I hope after reading this, it will get you out there and enjoy St. Patrick’s Day. Let me know how it goes in the comments below!

Happy Hiking!

5 Great Hiking Trails to enjoy this President’s Day

If you’re thinking of going on a day hike this President’s Day, let me give you my top 5 hand-picked  hiking trails from my bucket list.

  1. Yosemite National Park – Vernon Fall to Nevada Fall Trail is roughly 8 miles loop round trip. Beautiful landscapes and waterfalls. Click here for map.
  2. Point Reyes National SeaShore – Coast Trail to Alamere Falls is 8 miles total. Enchanted forest to waterfall. Click here for map.
  3. Sequoia and King Canyon National Park – Lewis and Clark Trail 6 miles. Beautiful Kennedy Pass Meadow.
  4. Point Lobos State Marine Reserve – North Shore Trail to Cypress Grove Trail is about 1.8 miles.  Beautiful coastal view to the Pacific Ocean.
  5. Joshua Tree National Park – Lost Horse Mine, 4 miles. Beautiful canyons and Joshua Trees.

Have fun and enjoy your President’s Day!

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Happy Hiking!

Finding your inner peace 

Finding your inner peace can be a bit difficult when you have other obstacles that is lingering you down. My way out was outdoor hiking. The imbalance hormones, the mommy body, the lost of interest. The thought of losing weight was definitely my first. I never liked the gym. Spending ten dollars or more every month can go for gas. That is what I had done and fortunately, I have my main supporters helped me.

There was a quote I saw on Facebook that I totally can relate to myself.

“Nature is your therapy.”

I have never thought that nature was my therapy and to know that I have grown so much in two years, I am bless to say that nature IS my therapy.  I am healthy, physically and emotionally.

Finding your inner peace and your main supporters does go hand in hand. Nature is your friend to renew yourself. So make sure to find a buddy and take them hiking.

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Happy hiking.