Way-of-the-Mono Trail Review

This weekend I reviewed Way-of-the-Mono trail in Bass Lake. It is rated easy and is roughly 1.2 mile. The weather was beautiful. Sunny and breezy.

Starting off the trail was a bit moderate until I reached an overlook. It was a great view to Bass Lake. However, it saddened me that the wild fire had reached there. I saw burned trees. From the look of the burn trees, it looked like it was 5 to 7 years ago. I can tell because fresh shrubs and wild flowers grew around the trees. I don’t remembered when the fire reached to Bass Lake, but it was horrible to see the damage.

The trail soon goes up to a steep hill side until I reached a dirt road. Then down to a dead end. The whole mountain side was burned and the trail was no where to be seen. I do not want to turn back. I’m sure there was a trail somewhere. I kept hiking and soon found the trail. It seems like I had pass the trail when I was on the dirt road.

I would personally rate this trail Moderate. There were steep trail side and because the scar from the fire, the trail was a bit hard to find. I hope one day the trail would come back alive with beautiful trees and shrubs.

Happy Hiking!

Willow Creek Trail: Angel Falls Review

If you are looking for a scenic hiking trail, but don’t want to travel too far, I recommend Willow Creek Trail. Willow Creek is known for its 2 waterfalls, Angel Falls and Devils Slide. This will be the Angel Falls review for this blog. The trail is located in Bass Lake. The trailhead starts at the day use parking lot. There is a parking fee of 10.00.

To get to the trail from Fresno, take the 41 north. Turn right at North Fork Road that leads to North Fork. Make a left turn on Road 274 to Bass Lake and enter to the Bass Lake Recreational to get to the Falls Panic Area. You can also enter Bass Lake through Oakhurst, but I’m not familiar with that route.

I would give this trail a moderate to strenuous level of difficulty. Make sure you are physically prepared for climbing and squeezing through tight spaces. Do a little strecthing if you may. The weather was 37 degrees F. It was cold and sunny, but to know that the trail was moderate to strenuous, I will probably sweat the cold off. Willow Creek has beautiful mosses all over huge boulders. The view was breathtaking and awesome. The trail was wet. Some area on the trail were slippery.

The trail took me an hour to get to Angel Falls and it is roughly about 1.35 miles there and back. The waterfall was great. I sat there for a good 42 min just listening to the waterfall and ate some snacks. I highly suggest this trail to anyone who want to challenge themselves.

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Happy hiking!

Brown Ditch trail review aka (Flume Trail)

The Brown Ditch trail was the funest trail I have ever experienced. The trail itself was easy and have open scenic view to the Sierra National Forest. It is almost a 3 mile hike. This trail is in the Bass Lake area.

At the beginning of the trail, there was a sign “private property and no traspassing”. However, many hikers enters the trail. It is rank 4 out of 5 on the All Trail website. The Flume is own by PG&E and they discourage hikers to go on it. 

The Flume trail took me 2.5 hours to complete the trail. The elevation was well over 3,000 ft. The hike was a total of 5 miles round trip. The trail was flat. There was no steep mountain side or big bolder step to climb on, but boy, it was a long trail. I just wanted to finish it. The weather was warm at 11 am and there were no shade when turning back until we nearly reach the enterance. Walking the flume trail, to me, was frightening. The walk way was very narrow that I can imagine myself walk into the flume and banging my chin onto the wood. That would not end well. Good thing the flume was dry. Not only walking the flume trail was frightening , I have found myself afraid of hieghts. I slowly walk the steel flume trail and I tried to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Sierra National Forest.

The down side to hiking the flume trail was finding a restroom or a portable potty stall. Unfortunately, there were none and I had to squat behind the bush. Make sure to bring plenty of water and bring toilet paper. Also, I heard a couple of gun shots. It’s hunting season so be careful. Another one that kind of bothersome was the flies. I had to fan my face with my hand to shoo them away. It’s annoying, really.

All in all, I enjoyed my hike to nature. It was very fun and different. Except for the flies. Be very careful when walking the flume trail.

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Happy hiking.
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