Pincushion Mountain: San Joaquin River Trail Review

Pincushion Mountain is part of the San Joaquin River Trail located at the Millerton Lake State Recreation Area. It is roughly 30 minutes from Fresno. The trail entrance is in the South Finegold Picnic Area. There is a $10.00 fee to park there, however many people park outside the picnic area and walk to the trail entrance.

Pincushion is definitely my all time trail to train myself to get better. This trail is rated level 5 strenuous. The trail is roughly 1.3 miles, giving you a total of 2.5 miles round trip. I give kudos to those individuals who ran up the trail. It probably took them many practices and trainings to run. Great job! For people like me, I need more rest time and training. When arriving the fork, take the right trail to Pincushion. Then, head to the next mountain top to the final destination.

The view was breathtaking. I’m able to see the Big Bend, the lake, the picnic area and Sky Harbor road. I would give anyone a thumbs up to go and train there.

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Happy Hiking!

Beginner’s Hike 101 p.1

Researching Trails

Ever question yourself where to start on a day hike? Well, many beginner’s do and don’t worry, I have a few tips you can take.
Finding a trail can be hard to begin. I’d say, start on an easy trail near home. Or you can plan a trip to a National Park. You don’t want to start on a strenuous trail and not go ever again. Do a little research where you would like start. For taking trails near home, you can go on the city website and find their “things to do” section. They have tons of stuff to do that you never thought your city have. Or download the All Trails app to find the trails you’re planning.

The picture below was taken at the San Joaquin River Gorge. It’s about 35 mins to 45mins from home. This trail is broken up to sections. The beginning is easy until you pass the bridge, the trail gets a little moderate.

If you decided to plan a trip out of town, find out the trail in the city or park you’re heading. Sometime, they will provide you a pdf map. It’s always a great idea to download it.

I’ve been to a trail that I was unprepared for and thankfully the national park have an informational hut. There, it have a rough map that I took a photo of.

Eventually, I was able to lead my group to Moro Rock. It was a fun easy trail for everyone. Unfortunately, my mobile phone was out of battery, so there was no photos of Moro Rock.

Happy hiking!

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