June Monthly Subscription Box

Cairn monthly subscription came in early this month. It came in with a Newsletter, a sticker, 1 Mountain House dry food Turkey Casserole, 1 Cusa Tea that comes with 10 servings of 2 English breakfast, 2 green tea, 2 lemon black, 2 mango green and 2 oolong, 1 Natti Bar: Pure banana 100% natural non-gmo gluten free, and 1 Outdoor Edge Chowpal.

This month came in camping kind of theme, which is fun to go along with the season. What I like about this month’s item was the Cusa Tea and the Outdoor Edge Chowpal. Let me tell you how obsess I am with tea. I drink it everyday and to have Cairn feature them this month is by far my honor to try it out. My 2 favorite teas are the English Breakfast and the Oolong.

The Outdoor Edge Chowpal is very interesting. It’s pretty high tech for me to use first of all. It has everything I need to bring for a backpacking trip. It is like a pocket knife, but it has a fork and spoon with it. It’s more like a multi use item that can open a beer bottle and some other features along with it. I probably going to use the fork and the spoon far more than the others things on it.

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Happy Trails!


April Cairn Monthly Subscription Box

For this months box, I’m excited to say that we have a few interesting items I want to share with you. When the package came in, I was surprised it came in a water resistant paper envelope. I hugged it and try to figure out by feeling what was in the package. Call me crazy, but I feel like it was Christmas all over again.

It came with a Sierra Design Dridown Pillow, a green Universal note pad, a Cairn Scout Newsletter, 1 Skrich Labs Energy Bar with Cherries and pistachios, a Cairn sticker and last but not least an anti itch gel from The Itch Eraser. My favorite item is the Itch Eraser. My daughter recently got bitten by an insect a day ago and I thought maybe I try it out. It work wonders. I would definitely take this little cream with me when hiking.

Until next month, Happy Hiking!

February & March Cairn Monthly Subscription Box

I want to merge both February and March monthly subscription box in one blog. Each month, the box has at least 6 interesting outdoor products to try. I’m so excited to share this. It has awesome products that I already loved.

The photo on the left is the February monthly box. It has a Gobi Gear tote bag with four separate  compartment, one replaceable zipper from FixnZip, one Go Macro granola bar, a pair of fork and spoon, one sticker, and a Cairn Scout Newsletter. One item that I like most is the tote bag and the replaceable zipper. I think they will come in handy.

The photo on the right is the March monthly box. It has one yummy BoBo’s Lemon Poppyseed bar, one Drink Tanks 16 oz mug , two Drink Tanks different size lid, one bag of Bottle Bright cleaner and a Cairn Newsletter. My favorite is the 16 oz Drink Tanks and the two lids. It is the right size for me. It’s not too big or too small. It’s perfect.

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Happy Hiking!

New things coming your way!!

Before I get into what are the new things coming soon, I want to start off that all my hikes are done by myself and my camera man, but this time, I want to add a few interesting adventures onto this blog . First thing, I want to share that anyone can enjoy a day hike with toddlers and infants. It would be a trail review with family day hike kind of thing. Something that I want to start enjoying as a family. In addition, I also want to add a group hike’s photo gallery. I’ve been leading a few hikes with groups of three people to ten people once every month and I think it would be great to share it with everyone. And lastly, I participated in a monthly hiking subscription box that features high end hiking gears, snacks, and other goodies. It’s something to look for and try out on a day hike.

Thanks for tuning in for exciting adventures. Until next time, happy hiking!